lol that's a bit harsh on exo but you know got7 ain't saints and they aren't perfect too you know... :))


It isn’t harsh when you have to listen to your race get shitted on

it isn’t harsh when not only do they make snide comments about black people but also brown people and any one with a darker hue

it isn’t harsh when like i said i have LITERALLY been there since day one rooting for them, Putting my all into them, making a twitter just so i could post HUNDREDS tweets/retweets for them on 4 different accounts to win the emas. Spending 100’s of dollars of merch for at least half of them just being bad people.

It isn’t harsh to have to watch “fans” in the fucking fandom make “black” edits of the members with huge pink lips, black skin, curly afros, and then commenting things like “im glad exo isn’t a bunch of niggers”

There’s the Kris drama, theres videos of Kai saying the n word (spoiler alert, they have black fans), theres Baekhyun being a little shit ALWAYS

No one is a saint and it’s naive to believe that. EVERYBODY and their MOMMA is problematic. But comparing Got7 to Exo right now, Exo is in the bottom of the barrel. 


He asked her so seriously I’m crying

I am exiling exo out of my life (it kinda hurts since i’ve been there since day one/them damn teasers and all) because they are fuckboys and minus a few of them they are assholes and racist and whatever


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If you call me daddy, I call you a cab

in which kangyeol is every one of us in the morning 


Jessica Williams speaks with Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs about Army regulation AR 670-1


The Whole Story…

Fabiola Noel model Thomas Churchwell photography



y’all motherfuckers want a fire elsa so bad but you dont even realize that already exists




calling taemin before meeting his wife


me too rih